Melvin Ariel & Vicente Davos

Vicente Davos has proven himself to be the prince slut of Latinloads. One minute of Melvin Ariel sitting in front of him in his underwear with his prize uncut cock growing beneath the fabric sends the kid into action. He deep throats Melvin’s dick getting him worked up enough to bend Vincente over the bed and slide into his pink hole. Melvin fucks him hard in several positions until he unleashes his Latin jizz all over his mouth and down his throat.

Director: Adan Medina

Fernando Cruz & Javier Izaz

Javier Izaz is blindfolded and placed on the bed on all fours ass up face down. Fernando Cruz uses the boy’s hole - first giving it a thorough rim job, then moving on to opening his ass with a dildo getting it wet and juicy for his cock. Once Javier is completely ready to get fucked, Fernando mounts and pounds him until all his cum is released.

Director: Adan Medina

Rico Barria and Pedro Valdi

Pedro Valdi wastes no time servicing Rico Barria’s uncut Latino cock. Rico gets immediately hard and enjoys the attention on his dick. Pedro wants to get fucked as much as Rico wants to get it in and bends over to offer up his ass and hole. Rico power pounds him before making the kid ride his meat where the precum and spit is flowing out of the kid’s ass. Rico gets sucked some more and then needs to bust a nut and fucks it into Pedro’s eager hole.

Director: Adan Medina

Dante Piero & Manuel Cortez

Dante Piero is one of our favorite Latino top men. His stunning uncut dick is always rock hard and he always wants to find a hole to use and abuse. Manuel Perez ain’t complaining. He immediately bends over the couch and submits his hole to Dante’s non-stop pounding. Dante takes a break from fucking to get his cock worshipped by Manuel’s mouth before making the kid sit on his cock. When he is ready to cum - and this kid cums big - he gets him back on all fours and unleashes a geyser of spooge.

Director: Adan Medina

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