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Scene 8 from Latin Big Guns

NACHO RUIZ gets topped off with double portion dick and nut sauce. DANILO PEREZ and KAYSER MAGNUM give this kid the royal treatment taking turns turning him out, breeding him deep, and leaving him leaking.

When KAYSER showed up on TIMSUCK, we got a lot of requests to see him fuck and we were happy when Adan got him back to pound some hole.  Watch the other top Danilo during the scene, we think he wanted Kayser to fuck him too!  And who could blame him?  Kayser is the star of this scene – well – his magnum size dick helps. Our favorite moment is when Danilo jerks off Nacho as Kayser is close to cumming, making the bottom squirt against his will that sets off a chain reaction starting with Kayser’s huge cumload being squeezed out by the bottom’s pulsating pussy.  Danilo gets so excited, Kayser steps aside so his top bud can cum and the alpha top drips his last drops of jizz into Nacho’s mouth.

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